District and Deputy District Judge Videos

Deputy District Judge Pankaj Pathak was appointed in 2010 and sits in London and Essex County Courts.

District Judge Recruitment Interview: DJ Simon Maddison

District Judge Recruitment Interview: Interview DJ Timothy Melville-Walker

The judges reflect on the wider implications of the job they do.

District Judge Adem Muzaffer, a judge in the family and county courts who sits primarily in the Cardiff area, spoke to us in length about his work as a judge.

We had the opportunity to interview District Judge Shanti Mauger, who sits in the county courts in central London. She oversees a variety of cases from small claims to property and bankruptcy cases.

His Honour Judge Edward Connell is a Circuit Judge working out of Isleworth Crown Court. The judge talks about the different aspects of the role.

Judge Robinson speaks in length about his work as judge.

Judge Profiles: Interview with Mrs Justice Karen Steyn

Judge Profiles: Interview with District Judge (MC) Tan Ikram

The differing specialisms and other roles.

The daily list of a District Judge is always varied.

The variety of work and running a courtroom.

The training and the help of fellow judges.

The judges talk about their backgrounds and reasons for applying.