Judicial Appointments Commission

The Judicial Appointments Commission selects candidates for judicial office in England and Wales, and for some tribunals with UK-wide powers. It is our statutory duty to select people on merit, who are of good character. We believe the judiciary should reflect the society it serves, and we aim to attract diverse applicants from a wide field. We work closely with a range of organisations to promote vacancies to all those who are eligible.


Magistrates are recruited by local advisory committees. Recruitment is based on the needs of the courts in each area. The need to recruit new magistrates is generally reviewed on an annual basis. Applicants are expected to be living or working in, or reasonably close to, the area in which they wish to serve. If you are interested in becoming a magistrate, please click on the link.

Internal Vacancies

Internal vacancies are only available to current judicial office holders. In order to view internal vacancies or EOI (expression of interest) you will require an ejudiciary account. Please sign up by clicking on the link below if you don’t already have one.