Biden (appellant) v Waverley Borough Council (respondent)

Wednesday 9 March 2022

Second appeal – The Appellant appeals paragraphs 1 and 3 of the order of HHJ Nisa dated 3 August 2021 sitting in Guildford County Court, whereby the Judge (1) dismissed the appellant’s appeal against the Respondent local housing authority’s (R) review decision dated 18 August 2020, and (3) made a consequential costs order against the appellant.

R’s review decision upheld 2 decisions made by R (1) dated 10 January 2020 that accommodation offered to the appellant was suitable and (2) dated 30 January 2020 that R’s duty to the Appellant under s189B HA had ended because the appellant had refused the offered accommodation.

The appellant contended the accommodation was unsuitable as she was transgender and disabled.

The application raises issues as to the duties owed by local housing authorities to homeless transgender applicants.

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