Hi Honour Judge Gosnell

Mark Gosnell was appointed Designated Civil Judge of Leeds and North Yorkshire in 2010 and in 2012 he became Designated Civil Judge of the Bradford and West Yorkshire group of Courts. He has been authorised to sit in the Administrative Court since 2011

His Honour Judge Gosnell was admitted as a Solicitor in 1981 and was a partner in a High-Street Practice in Lancashire. He specialised mainly in personal injury and clinical negligence work. He was appointed a Deputy District Judge in 1993 and a District Judge in 1998. Whilst a District Judge in Manchester, he specialised mainly in industrial disease, catastrophic injury and clinical negligence cases. He was also a Regional Costs Judge.  He was appointed a Recorder in 2005 both in the criminal and civil jurisdictions. He is a course tutor on the Specialist Course at the Judicial College and has lectured extensively on topics such as case management, housing law and costs.