His Honour Judge Saffman

Andrew Saffman is a Circuit Judge based at the Leeds Combined Court Centre. He is authorised to sit in the High Court and the Administrative Court.

His Honour Judge Saffman was admitted as a solicitor in 1977 and, prior to his appointment as a District Judge in 2001, he was a partner specialising in commercial litigation and insolvency in a Leeds practice. From 2001 to April 2013 he was a District Judge, first in Manchester and then in Leeds, with responsibility for Chancery work. In April 2013 he was appointed to the Circuit Bench dealing exclusively with civil and commercial cases. In the same year he became authorised to sit as a High Court Judge in Chancery, TCC, Mercantile and Queen’s Bench Division. In 2016 he was appointed an Election Commissioner and was appointed to sit as a High Court Judge in administrative law.