In conversation with Lady Justice Nicola Davies and Tribunal Judge Safia Iman

Inspired by the centenary of Dr Ivy Williams, the first woman to be called to the Bar in England and Wales, we interviewed Lady Justice Nicola Davies and Tribunal Judge Safia Iman as they spoke with one another about their experiences as women in the judiciary.

The interview was filmed at the historic Royal Courts of Justice as part of the Judicial Office’s series on diversity. These interviews aim to put a spotlight on the varying experiences of judges from different jurisdictions and backgrounds. In this unique interview both judges spoke with one another to share their personal journeys.

Lady Justice Nicola Davies is the first female Welsh Court of Appeal Judge, and Tribunal Judge Safia Iman joined the judiciary only last year. Amongst the topics they reflected on were their early experience as barristers, what inspired them to pursue a career in law, their female role models, and what advice they would give to young women joining the profession.

On giving advice Lady Justice Nicola Davies said: “The first piece of advice would be, believe in yourself. Have confidence in your ability and take it forward. Anything is possible, I think if I’ve made it anyone can make it.”

Tribunal Judge Safia Iman added: “I’m hoping anyone that is watching this will see how accessible the judiciary can be and how it is moving forward.”

Watch the full interview below.