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Lufthansa Technik AG (claimant/respondent) –v- Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems & ors (defs/appellants)


Wednesday 3rd – Thursday 4th November 2021

The Defendants appeal the order of Morgan J dated 22 July 2020, sitting in the Patents Court.

Upon certain issues of liability having been tried before Morgan J (other issues had been adjourned) he held inter alia  that the Claimant’s European Patent (UK) No 0 881 145 B1 (the Patent) was valid and that all the Defendants had infringed it as set out in his order; Astronics (D1 on the 2017 claim) and Panasonic (the Defendant on the 2019 claim) by supplying in the UK components of the infringing Product (the EmPower  In Seat Car Power system and its Modified System) and Safran (D2 on the 2017 claim) by assembling the EmPower System in the UK. He dismissed the Defendants’ Counterclaims in both claims, ordered an inquiry and made consequential costs orders.

Lower Court Judgment:

Lufthansa Technik AG v Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems & Ors [2020] EWHC 2296 (Pat) (21 August 2020) (

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