Practice Note: Business and Property Courts in Manchester and Leeds

Friday Applications Lists

1. Starting on 27 May 2022, the default position for applications to be heard before s.9 Judges in Manchester and Leeds on Friday Applications lists in the Business and Property Courts will be that they are heard in person unless, in the discretion of the Judge, a fully remote or hybrid hearing is considered appropriate. Any party seeking a direction that their application should be heard remotely or on a hybrid basis must apply at the earliest possible time by email marked “Urgent: Friday Application” to in Manchester or in Leeds for a direction. The email should be copied to any respondent if the application is on notice.

2. All other applications, hearings or trials in the Business and Property Courts will continue to be dealt with in accordance with the “Remote Hearings Guidance to help the Business and Property Courts” of the Chancellor of the High Court dated 15 September 2021 (and for the Circuit Commercial Court in accordance with paragraph F3 of the Circuit Commercial Court Guide 2022).

Mr Justice Fancourt
Vice-Chancellor of the County Palatine of Lancaster
Supervising Judge of the Business and Property Courts for the Northern & North-Eastern Circuits