Queen’s Bench Division Guide 2022

The Queen’s Bench Division Guide 2022 has been published, replacing last year’s version.

It’s the eighth edition of a guide to the working practices of the Queen’s Bench Division within the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

Changes in the guide include:

  • Interim and out of hours applications
  • Urgent and Short Applications before the Masters
  • Electronic bundles
  • The procedure for issuing claim forms following urgent interim injunction applications
  • Pre-Trial Reviews in Media and Communication List cases
  • Amendment to court plans
  • Payment of court fees
  • QB Masters Clerks contact details

Dame Victoria Sharp, President of the Queen’s Bench Division, said in her foreword to the guide: “I am grateful to Senior Master Fontaine and Master Sullivan, who have shouldered most of the burden of producing this new edition; and to a number of Queen’s Bench judges for their individual contributions.

“The result of their combined efforts is a guide which is up to date and which continues therefore to be of invaluable assistance to those who practise and litigate in the Queen’s Bench Division.”