Judicial Mentoring Scheme – Videos

There are a number of videos on this page, which will give the viewers a better understanding of the relationship that exists between a mentor and a mentee.

The Judicial Mentoring scheme helps build confidence for newly appointed judges.

Judge Head-Rapson  & Judge Hammond  discuss how they first became involved in the Judicial Mentoring Scheme, the positive aspects of the scheme from the perspective of mentor and mentee, some specifics relating to sitting with panel members and how the scheme supported a successful appointment as District Judge.  They talk about the dynamics of their initial communications and how that evolved over time. 

“I went into the interview for a job I knew nothing about.”

Judge Head-Rapson & Judge Hammond discuss the benefits of taking part in the Judicial Mentoring Scheme and how it can assist with career progression, addressing the myth that only Barristers become judges.
The Mentoring Scheme helps professionals explore the finer details of a new role to enable informed decisions in future applications.