Speech by the Master of the Rolls to the British Institute of International and Comparative Law

It was back in July 2018 that I addressed a similar gathering at a conference entitled ‘Innovating International Business Courts: A European Outlook’. My talk was under the heading, ‘ A view from the Business and Property Courts in London’.

I well recall the stormy reaction that I managed unwittingly to generate. I am, therefore, particularly grateful to have the opportunity, 3 years later, after so much unexpected water has flowed under the bridge, to have an opportunity to revisit the subject at this timely conference on international commercial courts in Europe and Asia.

I am no longer in charge of the Business and Property Courts of England and Wales ̅ that role is now ably undertaken by Sir Julian Flaux. Instead, as you have heard, I am the Master of the Rolls and Head of Civil Justice in England and Wales. As such, however, I work closely with my successor, Sir Julian, as Chancellor of the High Court, and keep closely in touch with developments in commercial courts across Europe and Asia ̅ insofar as all that has been possible over the last 18 months since the appalling Covid pandemic struck in March 2020.